Top trending eyelash extensions in 2022

Top trending eyelash extension in 2022 Each year comes with new trends, not only influencing fashion but everything from makeup looks and hairstyles to eyelash extension. Out are the 2016 perfect eyeliner. 2017 Kim K style, the 2018 Mega volume, the 2019 Heavy pre-made or the 2020-2021 ethereal look, the 2022 will be totally different. Lash vendors Take a look at what eyelash extensions are trending in 2022 and figure out which one is right for you!! individual-lashes-wholesale-mink-individual-lashes-wholesale-colored-lashes-wholesale-colored-eyelashes-wholesale-3d-mink-lashes-wholesale-lash-vendors-wholesale-lashes-9 #1. Natural looking lash individual-lashes-wholesale-mink-individual-lashes-wholesale-colored-lashes-wholesale-colored-eyelashes-wholesale-3d-mink-lashes-wholesale-lash-vendors-wholesale-lashes-16 individual-lashes-wholesale-mink-individual-lashes-wholesale-colored-lashes-wholesale-colored-eyelashes-wholesale-3d-mink-lashes-wholesale-lash-vendors-wholesale-lashes-19 We all know that beauty is not a one size-fit-all. Freshening up your look with eyelash extension is the great way to change for good and provide some needed self-love. It’s time to make a big impression. In case you find choosing eyelash extension still a task, we’re here to help you. As one of the most leading lash vendors in Vietnam, we are committed to providing you with the high quality eyelashes as well as the best service. Below are some suggestions for you: #2 Colored eyelash extension When it comes to colorful eyelashes, we automatically think of summer festivals or fashion shows, bold rainbow or bright hue eyelashes, maybe too much for day-to-day. However, 2022 made it popular. While most of our faces have been partly covered with the masks due to Covid-19 pandemic, colorful lashes serve as an avenue of self-expression. Pick a color that’s your favorite and make yourself stand out of the crowd. Don’t forget trying Peri Veru the color of 2022. You’re gonna be impressed by its mystery. #3. Ombre eyelash extension individual-lashes-wholesale-mink-individual-lashes-wholesale-colored-lashes-wholesale-colored-eyelashes-wholesale-3d-mink-lashes-wholesale-lash-vendors-wholesale-lashes This eyelash extension went viral when artist Joanna Koller posted it on social media. She got inspired by the beauty of mermaids. It is half black and half color, similar to the hair trend. You could, for example, use a light red for the tips while keeping the extension roots black. Summer is coming and Ombre eyelashes are back to stage taking over Instagram again. If you want people to wow over you lashes, will you be brave enough to adopt this trend? #4. Wet look eyelashes individual-lashes-wholesale-mink-individual-lashes-wholesale-colored-lashes-wholesale-colored-eyelashes-wholesale-3d-mink-lashes-wholesale-lash-vendors-wholesale-lashes-20-1 This look is great for creating texture and spikey look so is perfect for anyone who wants Kim K effect. The wet eyelash extension is created by using narrow volume fan, which will make your eyes bigger but still natural. La

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