How to Achieve a Dramatic Look with Flat Lash Extensions

Flat lashes become a trend because they offer a more natural and lightweight look for the eyelashes. Flat lashes are also great for creating an ‘eyeliner effect’ that perfectly contours the lash line.

Flat Lash Extensions: The Secret to a Fuller, Darker Lash Line

Flat lash extensions are a type of eyelash extensions that have a flatter base and a split tip, which make them look thicker, darker, and more dramatic than regular lash extensions. This post will cover the basics of these extensions, how they contrast with classic lash extensions, and why you should consider using them for your next lash appointment.

What are flat lash extensions?

Ellipse lash extensions, also known as flat lash extensions, are extensions that have a base that is more flattened. Compared to classic lashes, these extensions are lighter and more durable because they have a flatter base that covers a larger area (120 degrees) when attached to the natural lash (60 degrees). 

Flat lash extensions
Flat lash extensions

Imagine if someone were to cut out the top and bottom of a circle, leading to a concave top and bottom – that’s the shape of a flatter lash extension. They are much lighter than regular lash extensions because they have less bulk, but they look as wide as them when viewed from the front.

They usually have a tip that is split, which gives them a look that is slightly more fluffy. This split tip is something that can make a difference in the final appearance of your lashes.

Flat lash vs classic lash

So why would you want to use flatter lash extensions anyway? Some advantages and disadvantages of flat lashes compared to regular classic lashes are:


  • Less heavy: They can be 40%-75% lighter than classic lashes depending on the brand. This can make a huge difference for clients with very fragile lashes.
  • More dramatic: They let you create thicker, more striking-looking classic sets than you could create with regular lash extensions. The lashline will also look a bit darker because of the continuous look made by the flat base.
  • Easier to apply: The flat base of ellipse lashes adheres to the natural eyelash a little more easily. However, flat lashes can only be attached from the top or bottom, while classic lashes give you the flexibility of attaching to the sides.
  • Better retention: They connect with the natural lash on a wider surface area, so they can hold slightly better than classic lash extensions. However, the main reason behind refills is the natural lashes falling out, so this is a small difference.


  • Less natural: Some clients may prefer a more natural look that classic lashes can provide. Flat lashes may look too thick or fake for some preferences.
  • Less curl: Flatter lashes tend to have less curl than classic lashes due to their shape. If you want a more curled look, you may need to use a higher curl level for flatter lashes.
  • Less variety: Flat lashes are usually available in fewer diameters, lengths, and curls than classic lashes. You may have fewer options to customize your lash set with flatter lashes.

Why use flat lash extensions?

You may want to use flat lash extensions for several reasons because of their advantages. Some of the benefits of using these extensions are:

  • They can create a fuller and darker lash line that can enhance your eyes and make them pop.
  • They are ideal for clients who want a dramatic look but have thin or weak natural lashes that cannot support heavier extensions.
  • They are great for clients who want to add more volume and texture to their lash set without using fans or hybrid techniques.
  • They attach to the natural lash on a larger surface area, so they can stay slightly longer than classic lash extensions.

These are some of the reputable lash suppliers that offer high-quality flat lash extensions in different sizes and styles. You can also check out their websites for more information on how to use and care for flatter lash extensions.

Premade Pro is among a lash supplier that specializes in premade fans. They offer flat lash including flat promade fans, which are a type of eyelash extensions that have a flatter base and a split tip to help them look thicker, darker, and more dramatic than regular lash extensions. Premade Pro has a variety of flatter lash extensions, such as 0.15-0.20 diameter, C and D curl, and different lengths.

Premade Pro offer high-quality flat lash extensions

What to consider when picking flat lash extensions?

Now that you know the definition and the differences compared to classic lashes, you may be wondering how to choose the right ones for your eyes. There are some factors that you need to consider when picking flat lash extensions. At first, you should think about:

  • How your eyes are shaped and where they are placed.
  • How long, thick, and curly your natural lashes are. 
  • How you want to look, such as natural or dramatic, or wider or longer.

Here are some general tips on how to pick the right flat eyelash extensions based on these factors:

Eye shape: Some common eye shapes and their suggested lash styles are round eyes, almond eyes, hooded eyes, and monolid eyes.

Lash type: Choose lash extensions that are 2 mm longer, the same or slightly thicker, and 0.15 mm or thinner than your natural lashes. Use 3 or 4 lengths for your lash map. Pick a C or D curl depending on your eye shape and preference. C curl suits most eyes, while D curl is more lifted and dramatic.

Desired look: Some different looks that you can get with flat eyelash extensions are: 

Natural: Enhances your lashes subtly with added length and thickness.

Dramatic: Creates thicker, bolder classic sets for a statement look with a darker lash line.

Volume: Increases fullness and texture for a denser, more voluminous lash line.

Flat lash extensions are a type of eyelash extensions that have many benefits and advantages over classic lashes. They are perfect for clients who want to achieve a thicker and darker look without compromising their natural lash health. If you want to try something new and innovative for your next lash appointment, you should consider using this extension.

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